Sitemap - 2022 - The Deleted Scenes

Year Three

The Deleted Scenes Top 10 of 2022

New and Old #90

Christmas Song Urbanism

Can You Find My House?

Working With Wood

Christmas Eve

New and Old #89

Christmas Then and Now

The Dragon Inside

The Craft Meat Revolution?

Towns of My County

Ship It, Click it

New and Old #88

The Rest of Cary

How Far to the City That's Not on the Map?

The Case of the Car Seats

Crime and Housing

Sometimes They Mess Up and Do It Right

New and Old #87

Street Styles

Towering Over the City

A Door Into Work

Thinking Bigger About the Housing Crisis

Hotel Mornings, Little Pleasures

New and Old #86

Leaf Me Alone

Roadside Revisits

Why Can't Every Day Be Like a Christmas Market?

Sink Me Now

Some Things You Need

New and Old #85

The Thanksgiving Table and the Settlement Table

A Stamp On Your Bucket List

Thoughts on the Meaning of Restaurants

Triangle Impressions

Explain It Before You Write It

New and Old #84

Maybe It's Not About You

Grills and Grilles

The Opposite of Home Improvement

People Versus Places

Suburbia and Paranoia

(More) Small Town Thoughts

New and Old #83

Something To See

Election Night

Asking For the Right Tool Isn't Asking For a Handout

"Same-Same But Different"

New and Old #82

Gentlemen, Open Your Containers

Why Build It Again?

Discussion Statements #2

COVID and the Kids

If It Isn't on the Internet, Does It Exist?

New and Old #81

The Menace of Cars

The Last Buffet, Or The First New One?

Public and Private

"Why Don't You Just Move?"

Metal Master

New and Old #80

Zoning State of Mind

Open In the Open

Talk Night

A D Who?

Is It Me or Is It You?

New and Old #79

Fifty Million Private Realms Might Be Wrong

False Façade

"Give Me a House," Says Almost No One

Roadside Delight

Make It New Every Day

New and Old #78

Kitchen Contentment

The Evolution of a Strip Mall

Gala Night

Nothing Left to Park For

It's Never New Twice

New and Old #77

What Is a Home?

The Queen's Giant

Wrong on Red

An Embryonic City

Road Trip

New and Old #76

Complaining for Sport

A Bridge Too Far

Inside the Box (Fan)

Can a Catholic Be a NIMBY?

Remote Work and Induced Demand

New and Old #75

Discussion Statements

Life Under the Diner

Getting Good at Doing Things Wrong

Housing and Deservingness

The Day Before

New and Old #74

Day(s) at the Museum

Nothing to Write Home About

Suburbia Was a Housing Program

Day Off

You Ducking Idiot

New and Old #73

Metro Areas Are Places

Ubiquitous and Extinct

Owning a Car Is a Financial Decision

What's a City To You?

The Real World

New and Old #72

Strip Mall Afternoon

Clean Those Tiles Up

Hit the Gas, Hit the Car

Density and Doctors

Videoconferencing is Like Crossing a Stroad

New and Old #71

You Wear It Out Well

Workhorse Buildings

First Impressions, Raleigh/Durham

New Jersey's Little India

To Them They're Making a River

New and Old #70

Airport Observations

The Office Space is All Tied Up

Expressway is as Expressway Does

Cultivating Contentment

The Ocean is a Highway

New and Old #69

Why Do I Write a Newsletter?

Seeing a Building's History Clearly

Inflated Expectations

Back in Time on Small Roads

What Else is Walkable and Mixed-Use?

New and Old #68

The Trolley Museum

Host of the Highways, Afterlife Edition

Context is Everything

The Essence of Home

Driving Responsibility

New and Old #67

Growing Up

Fusion in a Jiffy

Unlimited Food for Thought

"Ugly Buildings" and Open Space

The Same Webpage

New and Old #66

The Train Not Taken

The Ice House

"Streets Closed to Vehicular Traffic"

Exploring Home

Antiques, Good or Bad?

New and Old #65

Book Talk

Records and Stations

Benches for Whom?

NIMBY All Along?


New and Old #64

Kids and Cars

The Yugo in Yugoslavia

In Praise of Northern Virginia

Beautiful Highways

Get Your Government Hands Off My Single-Family Zoning!

New and Old #63

Beef Two Ways

More on Pro-Family Urbanism

All You Can Drive

A Peek at What's Possible

The Wolverine Claws

New and Old #62

Northern Virginia Tour

New Toy, New Ride

Old City Driving

Inside Eden Center

The COVID Neutron Bomb

New and Old #61

It's the Scale (Is It?)

Pecan Log Rolls and Hotel Rooms

I've Seen This House Before

Bells Will be Ringing

Good Friction

New and Old #60

Take It Away

Main Street Life

Urbanism is American History

There's a Small Hotel

Writing Vacation

New and Old #59

Loaning Forgiveness

A New Spin on Driving to the Supermarket

Coffee Shop Kind of Day

Rural New Mexico Blues

Housing and Pro-Family Conservatism

New and Old #58

No Housing Please, We're a Community

Board for Books

Culture, Nostalgia, Cuisines as Living Things

Funerals for Buildings

The Transition is the Hard Part

New and Old #57

Unplanned Vacancies

Glass and Gas

More on Ghost Buildings

Playing and Listening

What Does Urbanism Mean to You?

New and Old #56

Nooks and Crannies

Coastal Living

Stop and Smell the Tulips

A Hard Day's Wash, Part 2

The Supreme Court Steps Aren't Real Life

New and Old #55

New Construction Blues

A Curious Hampton Inn

Working Countrysides

A Hard Day's Wash, Part 1

House Work

New and Old #54

Final Pandemic Thoughts

Burning to Know

Policy Is a Good Thing

Urbanist Sprawl

Easter Weekend

New and Old #53

A Man's Home Is His Office

Doomed Restaurants

The Lonely Tower

Signs of Change

Rooted or Units?

New and Old #52

Am I a Content Creator?

Ghost Buildings

Three Generations of Separated Uses

About That Avocado Toast

Calling for the Music

New and Old #51

Full Metal Spatula

Locked Up in the Art Studio

Engineers, Traffic and Social

The Car and Car Dependence

A Good Run

New and Old #50

The end of Lancaster's Family-Style Dining

Crossing Into the Supermarket

Where Do They Shop?

Forty Pages, No Words

Upzone Your House

New and Old #49

Does Not Compute

Suite Life

Against Black Boxes

Hotels to Housing

What is a Streetcar?

New and Old #48

A Tale of Two Highways

A Universe of Uses

Neon Killer

What Housing Crisis?

Stores You Love to Walk Past

New and Old #47

Shopping Center Missing Links

A D.C. Building Mystery

Have You Seen the Price of Gas?

Another Look at Two New Jersey Towns

The Howard Johnson's Sign

New and Old #46

Forgotten But Not Gone

Church Shopping?

I Floss My Teeth With an 8-Track Tape

Breaking the Fever

What is NIMBYism?

New and Old #45

The Edge of the World

"Excuse Me, Where's the Car Aisle?"

The Intersection That Taught Me Critical Theory

NIMBYism, Cassette Tapes, Nostalgia, and the Future

Get On My Lawn

New and Old #44

Thoughts on the Meaning of Freedom of Movement

Land Your Plane for Pizza

Suburban Grids

Occoquan, Virginia's Embrace of Old and New

More on Housing and Generational Divides

New and Old #43

SUVs and Malt Beverages

Didn't Used To Be a Pizza Hut

What If Suburbia Still Looked Like This?

Block That Train

Night Driving

New and Old #42

The Rest of the Country

Old Shells, New Life

What Does Remote Work Do To Cities?

A Repair Journey Through Low-Cost Manufacturing

The Reasonableness of Banning Cars

New and Old #41

What a Strip Mall Can Be

Olive and Other Oils

A Wide, Wide Road Revisited

Still Renting After All These Years

Preserved by Abandonment

New and Old #40

Is Zoning a Contract?

An Old Movie

Snowed-In Cars and Broken TVs

More on America's First Outlet Mall

What the Heck is a "Oneplex"?

New and Old #39

Drop Off Your Car for Coffee

The 12th Day of Christmas

I Sing the Heater Electric

The End of America's First Outlets

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