Sitemap - 2023 - The Deleted Scenes

See You Next Year

The Deleted Scenes Top 10 of 2023

New and Old #142

Who Put The Flag In Flagtown?

Merry Local Christmas

So This Is Christmas

Urbanist Ecumenism

New and Old #141

A Miracle Of Fish

Plainfield And Fancy

Home From Italy, Thank God

Born This (Urbanist) Way

What If We Were Less Sophisticated?

New and Old #140

A Vision Or A Framework?

Old Town Alexandria

Revisiting The Modern Christmas Song Void

Thoughts On Turnstiles and Glass Houses

With A Little Help From My Friends

New and Old #139

Company Town

Don't Do This In Remembrance Of Us

When Modern Becomes Retro

Have You Ever Seen A City?

Beethoven Hammer

New and Old #138

Tourist Olives

Apartment Store

We Don't Build Them Like We Used To (And Thank God?)

Can An Urbanist Be A Conservative?

The Freedom To Stop

New and Old #137

Give Thanks To The Lord, For He Is Good

Fossil Records and (Former) Neighborhood Character

(Not) Losing Weight In Europe

15-Minute Suburbs

Lost But Not Quite

New and Old #136

The Oil In The Olives

Walmart On Stilts

Brew It Yourself

Keep On Trucking

New and Used

New and Old #135

Prices and Truths

Old City Hall

Fall Feast

The Sugar Shack

Context Switch

New and Old #134

Small Towns Are Everywhere And They All Look The Same

What's "Real" History?

Nuisance Or Amenity?

Mazda No. 5

The World Doesn't End At The County Line

New and Old #133

Day In The City

Old Walmarts

Ban Pedestrians

A City Where Nobody Lives, Part 2

Missing Middle Of The Imagination

New and Old #132

Mental Maps and Routes

Ring Bell For Service

The 'Starter Car' Is Headed To The Economic Scrapyard

A City Where Nobody Lives

How I Write

New and Old #131

Strong Towns, Weak Arguments

The Weight Of History

Delivered In Three Days

Don't Trad On Me

Do New Buildings Have Bricked-Over Windows?

New and Old #130

Does Anybody Love K-Mart?

Two Floors, One Price

Twilight Zoning

Urbanism Without Cities?


New and Old #129

Top Three

Sacred Downcycling

Two Cents On 5-Over-1s

Stress Cracks

The Seafood Boil And The Buffet

New and Old #128

The Country's Best Season

Flemington Roundup

Set In Brick

If By "War On Cars" You Mean...

When I Pick Up My Phone, You're Saying Something Interesting

New and Old #127

Don't Patch The Hole In The Wall

Kentucky Fried Mansion

If You Live In a Castle...

No Harm, No Foul?

The Risk Of Error

New and Old #126

Home From Work?

Raw Material

Active Rest and Relaxation

Work Hard, Pray Hard

Urbanist Denominations

New and Old #125

Slow Tech

A Shell Or a Vessel?

The Restaurant Vs. The Supermarket

I'm From Walmart, New Jersey

If It Feels Too Hard, You're Doing It Wrong

New and Old #124

Build Below Your Means

Upstairs, Downstairs

God Lot

It's Only New Once

The Deleted Years

New and Old #123

This Cider Heaven

Sacred Commute

A Lawn Is a Suburb

You Dropped This, King Farm

And Time Goes On

New and Old #122

It Doesn't Have To Be For You

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in a House

Put a Lion In Your Cart

Hyperlocal Patriotism

New Perspectives

New and Old #121

Up For Grabs

Over Before It Started

A Brush With Death

Not In My Small Town

Talk Is Cheep

New and Old #120

Read the Menu, See Your Town

Postage-Stamp Post Office

Night City

Parking Puts It On The Map

You Can't Be Amish Alone

New and Old #119

High Five-Over-One

Broken Arches

Small Hotels

The Old Frontier

Don't Shoot the Message

New and Old #118

How Important Is Scale?

Dial 9 For Nun

Not-So-Gentle Giant

An Urban People


New and Old #117

Traffic Report

Dine Like It's 1950 in Warrenton, Virginia

Art of the Trip

Grilling Holiday

Is It Marxist If It's True?

New and Old #116

Eating the Country

The Old Normal

In the Beginning

When I Say "City," You Say...

Anti-Social Media

New and Old #115

Buffet Chronicles: Royal Spread

Rail Against This

Virginia Visions

Me Or Your Own Eyes

The Little Things

New and Old #114

What's Wrong With Inflation?

Old School, New Deal

Tear Down This Mall?

Cities Aren't Loud, Cars Are Loud

Take Nothing But Pictures (Or Not Even)

New and Old #113

Is Density in the Cards?

Old City Reading

Acid and Alkaline

Won't You Be My Agent? (Or Maybe Not.)

Strip Down

New and Old #112

Restaurants and Urbanism

Airport Reading

Which Housing Is "Housing Crisis Housing"?

The Curious Phenomenon of the Garden Superstore

Are Steakhouses Restaurants?

New and Old #111

The Handy Man Can

Pick Your Fill

Road Diary: Driving College Park

Just Write

Is Anything Hard Worth Doing?

New and Old #110

Can It Be?

Step One

The Oxford Incident

Murder Underground

You Don't Have Enough Unless You Have More Than Enough

New and Old #109

Prices Aren't Metaphysics

Quasi-Urban Block

Beyond Bed Bath & Beyond, To What?

If You Love Something, Let It Grow

Multigenerational Suburbia

New and Old #108

Talk Notes: Traffic and Crowding

No Room Above

Main Street Supermarket

Buffet Chronicles: Back to the Beginning


New and Old #107

Micro Superstore

Fill It Up With the Ice

A City's a City No Matter How Small

What If You're the Placeless One?

Old Wisdom, New Movement

New and Old #106

Being a Part of It

Not Quite on Target

Goody Two Stores

Road Diary: Culpeper Edition

Some Days It Feels Like Every Day

New and Old #105

Silver Lining

Grill of My Dreams

Long Hall

Small Town Blues

First Spring

New and Old #104

The Fairfax Teardown

Taking Preservation Into Their Own Hands

Roses Are Red, Walmarts Are Blue

America's Urban Heritage: Culpeper, Virginia Edition

Nature Walking

New and Old #103

Not Crowded Enough, Nobody Goes There

Raising the Roof

Rural Multifamily

Buffet Chronicles: More Interesting In Theory

Misunderstanding the Meaning of "Housing Crisis"

New and Old #102

Preservation Through Growth

House In the House

No Cooking Please, We're Kitchens

Oh My Ward

Road Diary: More on Southern Maryland

New and Old #101

How Convenient are Supercenters?

Heaven Can Wait

Is Car Centricity Permanent?

Homeownership, Family, and Competing Responsibilities

Growth Is the Social Contract

New and Old #100

Buffet Chronicles: Disappearing Sushi

Under the Street

A Bit of Super History

Not-Pennsylvania Amish Country

Food, and Food for Thought

New and Old #99

The Near Occasion of Speeding

Turkey Hill Hunting

Swipe and Play

15 Minutes to Midnight?

Choices Make Work

New and Old #98

Once an Everyday Store

Downtown Investments

Triple Platter

Towns of My County, Part 3

In the Shade of the Maple

New and Old #97

Different Country

Different Blocks

Were the Beds Like the Walls?

Your (and More) Thoughts on Parking Anxiety

Labors of Love

New and Old #96

Final Thoughts on Gas Stoves

Burger Warehouse

There's Something About Blogging

You Never Know How It Falls Apart

Nothing But the Chimney

New and Old #95

Parking Anxiety

Holy Living

Pull To Inflate

New Construction Blues, Northern Virginia Edition

Digital Hoarding

New and Old #94

Analog Future?

Roadhouse Blues

Cooking Day

Cut-Rate City

New Year II

New and Old #93

The Shape of Metal

Laying Down the Law, Or Printing It

Decorative Benches?

The Country and the City

Case Closed

New and Old #92

Wood, Quartz, and Kids

At Least the Pizza's Clean

Forgetting My Old Flame

Towns of My County, Part 2

Sometimes You Don't Need Meaning

Crisis Christmas Songs

New and Old #91

Mail Day

Self-Denial and Self-Indulgence

Christmas Time In the Fake City