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I am not your age-probably closer to your parents, but I’m going to weigh in anyway! My children are young adults setting up first homes, and I’ve been stressing to them the importance of getting the best quality they can afford for the things they use daily (pots and pans, knives, silverware, sheets, towels etc.). I think what the first tweet was getting at was just this idea. Your day to day life will be more enjoyable when the things you use daily are more enjoyable to use. Never mind the fact that those items will outlast cheap stuff many times over. My brother is a carpenter. He applies this same idea to his tools. And, just my two cents, your laptop is your tool. You should have a machine that makes doing your job as frictionless as possible.

The second tweet, frankly, does seem self-indulgent. I think the conversation you have with yourself about whether you really need something or not is a good conversation to have. Honestly, more people should be having that conversation instead of following the advice of that tweeter! I do think paying attention to the things you want to buy and do is important, as that can give you information about what might make your life more enjoyable.

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