On the church and parking, I just read Henry Grabar's Paved Paradise, and one of his accounts is of a neighborhood church development (actually an adaptive building reuse) being stymied by parking requirements in city planning. The church minister was trying to build a *walkable* church in an area where his congregants lived! It's ridiculous to force churches to have parking provisions based on attendance on major holidays (and thus unused 99% of the time).

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Catholics are like Americans, they generally lean to the left or to the right.

The traditional orthodox most likely go to church regularly and see people as made in the image and likeness of God so consider children and growth a blessing.

Then you have the progressive Catholics, most likely in name only, and probably rarely darken the doorways of churches. They consider people and growth in general a scourge on mother earth (pagan) and fully support abortion, like the present resident of the White House and recent leader of the US House. These are a scandal to true Catholics.

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