There's an historian in my city that does historical reports on homes. A friend had one done for me, and I recently did the same for my son and DIL, who recently moved into an interesting house on the street behind mine. Both their home and mine were built before 1920.

I would say the report for their house was more interesting; it came with a barn-like garage with a 1-BR apartment above. Turns out it used to house the business of a German immigrant who established a business as a chimney sweep. The longtime resident parked his trucks in the garage and used the upper floor as his business office. The business still exists today (https://www.karlmattesco.com/).

You live in an even older part of the country than I do, so it wouldn't surprise me if some enterprising local historians have created a similar business model. http://www.diggingcincinnati.com/p/history-reports.html

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I don't know if you've ever seen the Big Chicken in Marietta, GA but it was a roadside fried chicken restaurant that KFC purchased and I like that they kept the odd two story chicken in place from the previous owners


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